The Fourth Turning

This book is written by William Strauss and Neil Howe. It explores the concept of generational cycles and proposes a theory that history unfolds in a recurring and predictable pattern that every span lasts around a lifetime roughly 80-100 years which consists of four turnings. These turnings are driven by generational shift and societal and cultural transformations. The book was written in 1997, at which point the authors wrote that we were approaching the Fourth Turning which is the life changing period of crisis that marks every saeculum in history.

Trying to understand the current geopolitical situation, its essential to know some history of the current most powerful nation on earth, America. This post is nothing more than just a summary and my thoughts after reading the book. The full breadth of ideas within the book will amaze you. I highly recommend this book for those who loves to know history and excited for the future and at the same time prepare for it.


Pension, Tax and Investment

I’ve been searching for the answer to the question “What is Money?” for quite some time.

I’ve been going down this rabbit hole for long but its really hard to know what money is. For some it might be everything, for someone it might just be a tool, for someone it might be way of freedom and for someone it might be the power. But what actually is Money? Who creates it? Why does it have value? What is Value? Why humans sacrifice their finite time out of their life to get money? Why is it so important? What if there was nothing such as money? Would we live the way we live? There are lots of questions like these which is very hard to answer but one thing is for certain. We as a human from the beginning of time always had desire to put value on something through a tool we call money. The form of it might have changed from barter, to labor time, to glass beads, to salt, to stones, to gold, to silver, to coins, to paper and now to digits on a computer.



「この世で最も理解しがたいものは所得税である。」- アインシュタイン


Economics History

Daylight Robbery

“The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax.” – Albert Einstein

If Einstein couldn’t understand it, we sure will never get it. Right? Its ludicrous to say the least. Lets dive into the monetary history and taxation. This book is written by Dominic Frisby, a British author and voice actor. It is a comprehensive exploration of the flaws within the modern monetary system and an examination of alternative financial paths for a fairer future. There are historical examples of peculiar taxes that have been imposed in various countries on several durations. You might even question the current rationale of certain taxation practices and its fairness after going through the book.